Hayes Valley

Small but mighty, Hayes Valley is a mecca for shopping, dining, arts and culture.

Located in between historical districts Alamo Square and Civic Center, Hayes Valley is an up and coming neighborhood in the Western Addition district. Although its exact boundaries are somewhat of a gray area, Hayes Valley is considered to be north and south of Hayes Street between Franklin and Webster. Following the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fires, Hayes Valley was spared and with some influence from the Fillmore District, it blossomed. After some tumultuous, crime-ridden years, city-wide gentrification trends led to reduction in crime statistics for the area and Hayes Valley is now considered affluent.

The perfect evening is complete with a show at SF Jazz followed by dinner at one of the best restaurants SF has to offer, like Rich Table or Nightbird. The central plaza between Hayes and Fell is always a sight to see with public art installations year round. 

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