Frequently Asked Questions

What is the greatest challenge in your business you have had to overcome?

During the last year we have grown our team from two to five people, and this is just the beginning. Hiring specialists allows me to spend more time with clients on achieving their goals. It has been absolutely key to hire the right, balanced team of A-players, who understand the importance of the brand. Letting go has been challenging, but I am so happy with both each team member as well as the fact we are growing. It has freed me up to spend more time on my main talent, which is working directly with my clients and building my relationships with other agents.

Outside of your success in the real estate industry, what are some fun facts about yourself?

I am a lifelong squash player, and was a four-time All-American and national team championship winner at Princeton. I have taken so many lessons from squash that are relevant to my work. Most of all, I know what it takes to win for clients, and make a point of learning from losses. I still play squash for fun and in tournaments across the country.  

What is a recent notable sale that you are proud of? Any specific career highlights?

It might surprise you, but the sale I am most proud of is not one of my largest. It is actually my first deal 15 years ago, when I began my real estate career. The clients took a risk by going with me, which then helped me build a track record. In return, I pulled out all the stops for them. It made me realize that everyone deserves 110% effort and a great experience from their agent, regardless of the listing’s price point. 

A recent highlight for me was winning a listing in a competitive situation. We knew going in that we were the underdog, having been contacted for a “price check”. However, we always go in to win, and our team knocked it out of the park with our marketing plans, proprietary social media approach and analytical capabilities. 

Where you recently featured in a national or local ranking?

Yes, I was ranked #1 female in San Francisco and #101 nationally in 2019, but we do not focus much on the rankings. We constantly push ourselves to put our clients at the center of everything we do: whether helping them find the best home for their families, or getting them the highest achievable price for their property. Part of the reason we are growing our team is to provide each client the capabilities and dedicated expertise they deserve, as we measure success by our number of happy and returning clients. We also strive to improve upon key competitive metrics, such as days on market, price per square foot and how often we win in multi-bid situations.