The Value Of Home Improvement

November 5, 2019

One of the joys of being a real estate agent is advising clients on home improvement. Thoughtful updates not only increase property values but also make for more livable spaces. Last month, The Wall Street Journal compiled a list of 10 investments promising high returns (as well as six turn-offs…did somebody say granite countertops?). This list was based on the consensus of top agents in major markets nationwide, showing that these updates can bear fruit no matter where you live.

Not all of these are equally easy to pull off. Most require significant construction (“Retractable Glass Walls” and “Spa Bathrooms” ) or are space prohibitive in a city like San Francisco (“High Ceilings”, “Four-Car Garage” and “Barn, Carriage House or In-Law Apartment”). Also, like all trends, we can expect these recommendations will change over time. By the time long-term homeowners are ready to sell, new guidance (and new technology) more reflective of the times will no doubt emerge.

For most San Francisco homeowners, fresh decor — a coat of paint, refinishing the wood floors or new hardware — is one of the simplest ways to add real value to your property. Instead of requiring structural changes or surplus exterior space, these updates depend mainly on expert opinion. A good interior designer not only is able to see the big picture, ensuring interiors are coherent and appropriate to unique needs of each client, but also is meticulous, seeing that all the details of your project are managed and carried out to a T.

If you’re considering new decor for your home, I’d be happy to recommend a designer, as there is so much local talent.…