Market Update

The 2021 fall market is upon us. Fasten your seatbelts!

September 8, 2021

Word on the 'real estate agent' street is that there will be several hundreds of properties will come on the market during the next couple of weeks. If our transactions during the last 2 weeks are any indication, this season will be a hot one. We sold 3 properties within a week of them launching.

We are also happy to report that not everyone moved out of California and onto greener pastures (take that, Texas!)… we saw buyers out in droves, even over the holiday weekend.


What does our crystal ball tell us?

  • Supply will increase substantially, and our buyers will have more choices
  • (Un)fortunately, great properties will still move fast. There will still be many off market transactions and if you don't have an 'in the know' agent, it will look like that great home came on the market already being in contract
  • For sellers, it will be really important to present and market their properties well. As Missy often says "You need to be the belle of the ball". We know it is painful to invest in something you will not live in, but it might be the best investment you’ve ever made
  • It will take sellers of less desirable properties a while to adjust their price expectations and they will sit
  • There will be no ‘deals’ or ‘discounts’
  • People who tell us “I wish I bought 10 years ago”, will say the same in a couple of years. 


As always, we would love to talk to you more in detail about your specific situation. Call us, let’s catch up 😊

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