Team Missy Wyant Smit Is Selling Properties Faster And For A Higher Price…

November 5, 2019

At the end of each year, we make it a point to crunch some numbers. Two important metrics we consider:

  1. How long it takes to sell our listings: Per the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), last year our 21 listings sold in an average of 20 days. This is 29% fewer days on market than the 2018 averages for both District 7 (Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Cow Hollow and Marina) listings and San Francisco as a whole, 28 days.

  2. What they sell for: In 2018 our listings in District 7 sold for an average of $1,352 per sq/ft, a +6% premium over the average District 7 market price of $1,277 per sq. ft.

You may be asking “why are your properties selling faster and for a higher price?”

Most importantly, we have clients with a great product. In addition, we put a lot of work into getting our listings ‘show ready’. We pride ourselves on being visionary and very detail-oriented (our vendors might argue too detail-oriented) and we have an A-team of resources (stagers, painters, floor refinishers, gardeners, etc.) helping us bring out the best in each property. Last but not least, we have the best photography and videos one can find, which, combined with our proprietary social media strategy and printed marketing materials, give our properties the broadest exposure, which is the key to finding the buyer who will pay the highest price.