Should we stage and if so, which stager should we use?

Yvo Smit | October 1, 2020

One of the reasons our team achieves a higher price per square foot than other San Francisco real estate agents is because we make our clients’ 'products' look incredible. We do this with the help of our staging partners, who advise on everything from furnishing to paint colors to lighting. Can you believe that every property we have brought on the market this year has been staged?

It often takes some persuasion to convince our clients to hire a stager when preparing their property for sale. Nobody likes to spend money on repairs and dressing up a property they are about to sell. However this is not a hard sell for us given that we are the most data driven real estate team in San Francisco. We keep track of and analyze the results of all vendors who help in preparing our listings. For example we know what the average sale price per square foot and DOM (Days on Market) is for each of our stagers. Would you not spend $15k more on the perfect stager for your home if it could result in a 6% higher sales price? Some of our clients have made hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the right stager!

Different properties require different stagers. For example stately luxury homes reflect a different aesthetic than modern condominiums. This is where we come in. We try to give our clients several options based on who we think the buyer of their home will be.

Our expertise, experience and data analysis are assets we bring to our clients in order to help them achieve the highest price when selling their home. Call us to discuss.