Should Gender Be A Consideration When Hiring A Real Estate Agent?

November 5, 2019

Earlier this week we came across a fascinating piece in the New York Times. In it the author, a young investment adviser based in Manhattan, cites research indicating that women in her field outperform their male counterparts.

Multiple studies find that female investment brokers “are more likely to focus on shares with good track records or on overlooked yet productive funds”, while males “regularly exhibit overconfidence in their ability.” According to the article, women outperform men by 1.8%. That may seem like a small margin, but imagine how that number would apply to a multimillion property purchase….

In real estate, as in financial services, one shouldn’t make generalizations about professionals based on gender. We feel that Missy’s unique approach — with a focus on putting the long-term interests of her buyers and sellers above all else — gives her and her clients an important edge over the competition.

Read the full NYT story here.