10 Reasons to Choose the Missy Wyant Smit Team

February 21, 2023

1. We deliver exceptional results.

2. We are consistently ranked as a top team citywide.

3. We pay attention to the details and don't drop the ball.

4. We are analytical, smart and data-driven.

5. We have strong relationships with other agents because we are reliable and collaborative, even in the toughest of deals.

6. Our marketing is unparalleled.

7. We invest time and resources in our clients' properties.

8. We have two decades of experience and believe in the San Francisco market.

9. Our clients enjoy working with us. In fact, 75 percent of our business comes from repeat clients.

10. We have and work with the best partners in San Francisco to make the preparation process fast and seamless.


We'd be delighted to help you wherever you are on your real estate journey. Contact us at [email protected] today!

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